Panfish Bite at its Finest Right Now!

Ice Conditions are very exceptional still as there is not much snow left atop, or at all on most lakes. Ice thickness has remained consistent for the most part from 26” to 36” of ice. Continue to use caution however, especially on the inlets, outlets, where springs may be present and of course along the shallows and shorelines as light precipitation, sun, and warm weather can begin to erode ice extremely fast.

We are on some of the best fishing we have had yet this season as far as panfish are concerned. For the most part the bluegills are on the drop offs of weed points and inside corners. As we explained in the last report, there is not much left for standing weeds this time of year, but as these areas gain more and more sunlight each day that glorious thing we know as photosynthesis will begin to take effect bringing the life back with it. This time of year the trick is finding the schools, as they definitely are on the move. Once you find the fish the key then is to stay on top of them by remaining mobile. Thankfully we are in for some beautiful weather, making hole hopping quite enjoyable this coming weekend. You might be able to pull up a few Crappies mixed with the Gills, but most will still be out deeper. The Bluegills are covering territory as we have found them in depths ranging from 6’-22’ and Crappies anywhere from 13’-32’ of water. Jumbo Perch can also be found on the flats and along the points in 5’-10’ of water. Small Jigging Spoons still remain to be the ticket as the fish continue to favor a tipped Venom Core 360 Inferno or the Clam Jointed Pinhead Minnow.

It is the prime time of target for several species other than Panfish as Burbot begin to enter into spawn, Whitefish and Tullibees have been hot to bite, and even Trout are still aggressive right now. There is still plenty of fun to be had on the ice even as we begin to prepare for the next season!

Yesterday’s group had great results! They caught well over a hundred fish and only kept the 6 to 8 inchers for a few meals, releasing the larger ones!

This week we will be digging the boat out of storage and start to get geared up for the open water. The Rainy River is opening up more and more each day and it won’t be long at all! Come enjoy the extended walleye season with Captain Justin Wiese on one of the most renowned walleye fisheries in the world. Visit our website or give us a call at 218-275-7525 for more details! You won’t want to miss out!

Conditions Have Improved and the Fish are Biting

Ice Conditions:

The conditions of the ice have improved across the area significantly over the past few weeks. The smaller bodies of water which were just a mess of slush not too long ago have healed up for the most part and attracting anglers back out. The snow has settled; however, travel is still best using sleds or track machines since many lakes still have no plowed roads. You can still find a few pockets of slush on larger bodies of water such as Leech Lake, but there are plowed and maintained roads on Walker Bay and out of Pine Point and Trappers Landing Lodge.


A group from Arizona enjoying a Minnesota pastime!
Big Crappies are Biting in the Backwoods!

Panfish: The bluegills have been biting great along the weed lines Tungsten jigs and small spoons tipped with waxies have been the ticket. The Venom Outdoors tungsten jigs have been producing the numbers, where as the Pinhead Minnow by Clam has been enticing the larger gills in the 9” and over range, which has been helpful when you have a mixed school of sizes. Having the opportunity to sight fish is also a benefit, pulling the lure away from smaller ones coming in while playing out the larger ones. The Crappies are in the basins during the day (depth will vary depending on body of water) and look to the edges of those basins towards dusk. Weed line points or inside turns are a key area for those night dwellers. During the day we are using the Clam Pinhead Minnow and Venom Inferno spoons tipped with plastics. Drilling out the basins and hole hopping, staying mobile has produced great results. The night bite has been best with a JT Snare rod setline and a Crappie Minnow, or catch the biggest Crappies in the school by tossing down a glow jigging spoon tipped with a whole Crappie Minnow.

Walleye: The bite has slowed slightly as we are within our final weeks of our inland Walleye season, but we have managed to get more than a few topside. Walleye can be found on a late bite in 24-32 feet of water over structure like rock bars and sunken humps, an underwater camera like a Vexilar Fish-Scout can help greatly in finding the structure. Aggressive walleye have been hitting spoons like a Northland Buckshot tipped with a minnow, where as a setline might attract the ones that are a little reluctant to strike.

Trout: The Lake Trout bite slowed down a tad which tends to happen around this time every year, but we suspect it to pick up soon. Your best luck is going to be in finding areas that have received low to no angling pressure in 25’-70’ of water. Spoons, Tubes and Rattle Baits have been best. Look to structure like points, inside turns, sunken humps, and steep shelves. Stream Trout are being caught in our local lakes still in 4’-10’ on small jigging spoons and jigs tipped with Clam Plastics.

Lake Trout

Our books are now open for our open water season! Next Up… Rainy River!! Come enjoy the extended walleye season with Captain Justin Wiese on one of the most renowned walleye fisheries in the world. Visit our website or give us a call at 218-275-7525 for more details!