Slush, Slush, Slop

January 4, 2020- Park Rapids, Walker, Remer, Longville, Grand Rapids Area Report

Just a safety briefing. Slush and Slop has been the general talk of the area, and sadly it seems as though it is going to stay that way until colder temps move in to firm things up. We have been out over the last several days and although the fishing itself has been exceptional and the walleye and crappies are certainly not affected by the miserable conditions topside, navigation on the lakes has had its difficulties as well as obvious safety concerns. Using sleds and UTV’s equipped with tracks has proven to be the easiest travel, but we still managed to have slight troubles with tracks freezing and such. Once again, we cannot stress safety enough. As ice conditions are extremely variable, more and more area resorts are limiting access of larger vehicles. We have noticed ice thickness anywhere from 7″ to 17″ all with water, slush and snow on top of it, in some places even over the knee. There is hope in sight however, current weather outlook is claiming cold temps starting on Monday, so stay tuned the season is just getting started!

Walker, Longville, Remer, Grand Rapids Area Fishing/Ice Report

Posted December 20, 2019-

Leech Lake ice conditions are moving along in the right direction for much of the lake. The main lake has up to 14 inches of ice in certain spots but still has a as little as 8 inches with pockets of slush in others. Walker Bay has 6 to 10 inches, however there is heavy slush towards the North end by Sand Point.

Smaller bodies of water in the Remer, Longville, Hackensack, Walker, Park Rapids area have snow covered ice with a considerable amount of slush pockets up to 8” thick. Whereas the ice itself is varying anywhere from 4-12 inches so take heed and use extreme caution when venturing out.

The walleye are aggressive and the bite is in full swing right now! Jigging Spoons tipped with a minnow head has been the ticket this past week, but don’t forget the dead stick as that has been bringing in a few too, especially later in the evening after “prime-time” passes.