Rainy River Fishing

Want to enjoy the experience of Rainy River Fishing? Then take a guided trip with Wheezy Outdoors!

Spring Time on the Rainy River  is considered to be some of the best fishing in the Midwest. This widely renowned river, which forms part of the Canadian-US, border offers world class fishing.

Take advantage of the extended Walleye season, as the ice moves out the walleye come in for spawn, and are stacked thick where it is not uncommon for any angler to hook several trophy fish on a single outing!

But there are more than just trophy walleye that lurks in this river…

Another popular species of target on the Rainy is of course the Lake Sturgeon. Rainy River is one of the best Sturgeon Fisheries in North America, and boasts a healthy and strong population. It is not uncommon to hook one of these beasts on a Guided Rainy River Trip. These river giants are the largest species of fish in Minnesota. Sturgeon can live as long as 55+ years, and are capable of reaching lengths of over 7 feet weighing in at well over 100 pounds.

If you’re looking for an experience, you’ll get it on a Rainy River trip with Wheezy Outdoors!

Full Day Reservation

1-3 People: $600/ Full Day

What to Expect:

  •  You will be spending the day with a knowledgeable, USCG Licensed Captain, who’s goal is to get you on fish, but above all to make sure you have fun! And offering information, tutorial and lessons on use of equipment.
  • Also Included in the trip is fishing in a comfortable boat, bait, and use of quality equipment.

What to Bring:

  • You are welcomed and encouraged to bring your own equipment. However, it is not necessary, and we have everything you will need for your guided fishing trip on the Rainy River!
  • You will also need to bring valid Minnesota and Canadian Fishing License (if you anticipate to fish the Canadian side)
  • You will also need to bring weather appropriate clothing and any food or beverages you wish.
  • Planning more than just a day? Lodging can be arranged for you, and reflected in your cost!

But please note: Due to the Covid-19 regulations at the present time, the Canadian Border is still closed, non-resident anglers and recreational boaters are not permitted to fish these waters! Find out more information here.

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