Guided Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing is arguably the most artistic, proficient, and stimulating form of angling there is. No matter the species, the fight is a lot more fun on the end of a fly rod.
So tie one on and see for yourself!

Why Not Give It a Try?… 

Pick the species… Pike? Muskie? Trout? Bass? Maybe even Panfish? 

Book a Guided Fly Fishing Trip in Minnesota!
Whether you are novice or experienced, or maybe just want to try it for the first time, Wheezy’s will set you up! We’ll provide the use of the rods, reels, our personal hand tied flies, and lessons on how to use them! See the difference in the fight of the fish on a fly rod versus a standard rod, and let us show you what set’s Wheezy’s apart from the rest!

Standard service rates apply.

Wheezy Outdoors
7504 State 6 NE, Remer, MN 56672

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