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Walker, Longville, Remer, Grand Rapids Area Fishing/Ice Report

Posted December 20, 2019- Leech Lake ice conditions are moving along in the right direction for much of the lake. The main lake has up to 14 inches of ice in certain spots but still has a as little as 8 inches

Fishing Report: Park Rapids, Walker, Leech Lake, Longville, Hackensack, Grand Rapids Areas

Walleyes have been on the chow on most of the midsized bodies of water along the weed edges, sunken humps and bars anywhere from 12′ to 28′ of water. Keep an eye on the primary transition areas such as sand to muck,

To Hire a Guide or Not?: 12 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Minnesota Bear Hunting Outfitter

Guided Bear Hunting in Minnesota

As we all are awaiting anxiously the results of the 2020 Minnesota Bear Lottery, it has many of those who are anticipating a tag starting to formulate a plan. One main question being, to hire a guide or not? As a licensed

Conditions Have Improved and the Fish are Biting

Ice Conditions: The conditions of the ice have improved across the area significantly over the past few weeks. The smaller bodies of water which were just a mess of slush not too long ago have healed up for the most part and