About Us

Captain Justin and Alice Wiese

Founders, Operators, and Guides of Wheezy Outdoors

Captain Justin Wiese is one of the few fully licensed Captains and Hunting Guides in the area operating fulltime and year round. From a very young age it became evident he had a boundless love for the woods and waters, especially that of Northern Minnesota, and pursuing a career in any other field was just not an option for him. Alice, who is also a licensed Hunting Guide, was born and raised in Alaska and brought up with the same level of affection and dedication for the outdoors. They are a very audacious couple. With over 30 years combined experience, their knowledge, involvement and passion for what they do far surpass all others. Their dream, continuing goal and mission is to share that same passion with others. Together they started Wheezy Outdoors. Where you are sure to not only get ultimate action, but a closer connection with nature as well, experiencing it to the fullest. So why not just see for yourself!

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